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Business-to-Business Relations

Direct Business Systems, based in Gurnee, Illinois, provides compelling marketing solutions for business-to-business relations. Contact us today for a consultation on marketing strategies.

Business, Business-to-Business Relations in Gurnee, IL Capability Summary:
• Planning/Budgeting/Execution
• Grading Models by Industry/SIC
• 1- to 5-Year Budget Forecasting
• Search Engine Optimization
• Analysis for Website Relevance
• Web Traffic Optimization

Database Management
Receive exceptional organizational management of your company databases. We offer customer master file management, including database quality control, and data hygiene and analysis. Your business will benefit from compiled databases, defined target markets, vendor/list data quality, best selects, key suppression, and test strategy.

Field Sales Force & Reseller Integration
Count on our expertise in managing channel conflicts. We provide closed loop lead generation including scoring, grading, and tracking, as well as complete and professional inside sales support.

Ensure your system is up to date and communicating properly through each channel. We provide finesse in total system design requirements, program enhancement, and testing for customer master/data. This integrates warehouse, operations, customer service/order entry, marketing, and sales.

Optimize your customer service experience by creating and managing order entry programs and protocols. We also assist with management of inbound/outbound telemarketing systems, as well as credit and collections operations

Contact us today for direct business marketing strategies that work for you.